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Cosmetic & Silver Filling

Maini Dental Centre is well-known in the industry for providing effective solutions and treatments pertaining to Cosmetic & Silver Dentistry in Saharanpur.

Cosmetic Dentistry

It is used to refer to any dental work that improves the existing unaesthetic appearance of the teeth or gums, to give a pleasant smile and an overall bright look to the individuals face.

We make your teeth brighter to create confident, healthy, brighter smile, a complete smile makeover. With the advent of new materials and techniques, it has become possible to restore a very natural appearance and change undesirable dental features.

Cosmetic Dentistry May Involve

Teeth whitening (bleaching), and gum depigmentation

Straightening of teeth (orthodontics) accompanied by improvement in appearance of face

Dental jewellery or tooth jewellery is the largest craze which adds sparkle to the original smile

cosmetic dentistry
Why Silver Filling?

Dental Filling is a treatment methodology to reestablish missing tooth structure which might have been an aftereffect of decay or injury. Decay makes teeth empty. Dental Filling assists with filling this gap and shield it from additional decay.

Silver illing

Silver amalgam filling is mainly known for its durability and it last for more than ten years. This filling is more durable than other traditional fillings available for cosmetic fillings procedure. Besides, composite white filling is mainly popular for white color that amalgamates with the natural color of the tooth easily.