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Dental X-Ray

Dental X-rays are a useful diagnostic tool when helping your dentist detect damage and disease not visible during a regular dental exam.

Dental X-rays can spot trouble early on in your mouth, teeth, gums and jaw. Treating problems before they get serious can save money, pain and sometimes even your life. At Clinic In House "Advanced Digital OPG (Full mouth X-Ray) facility available.

Factors affecting how often you get dental X-rays may include: Your age

  • Your current oral health
  • Any symptoms of oral disease
  • A history of gum disease (gingivitis) or tooth decay
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    What types of problems do X-rays help detect?

    X-rays help your dentist diagnose problems in your teeth and jaws. In adults, X-rays show:

    Decay, especially small areas of decay between teeth.

    Changes in the bone or root canal due to infection.

    Improved comfort as compared to the removable dentures

    Cysts and some types of tumors

    Bone loss in the jaw